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His Excellency, Lord Xyler Athrun Zero P.S. B.F.
Biographical Information
Race Codru-Ji (post-Metamorphosis Virus)
Barabel (born)
Homeworld Barab I
Clan Sebatyne
Marital Status Single
Born Year -10 Day 125
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Physical Description
Gender Male
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Hair Color Brown
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Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
Department Office of the Premier
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Rank Premier


Positions Creative Director of the Tresarian Dawn
Prior Service Tresarian Navy XO
Fleet Admiral
Tresario Core Fleet CO
Tresario Core Fleet XO
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"Experience is a great teacher, if not the best. I believe experience prepares all of us for something, you don't know what, but you'll know when it comes and when the least you’re expecting it."
— Xyler Zero

His Excellency, Lord Xyler Athrun Zero P.S. B.F. (born Xyllo Sebatyne) is a citizen and Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom, a Tikiar and Gryphon.


Early Life

Born in Year -10, after the fall of the Republic, Xyllo was born to the Sebatyne Clan on Barab I. His family—a traditional Barabel family of two females and two males along with their nest—was well known in their village as great hunters. From a young age, Xyllo was raised on the tales of legendary hunters and the noble Jedi. Though he had a particularly mischievous streak in him, he was one of the strongest of his hatch mates. He trained in hand to hand combat, projectile weapons, non-projectile, and unlike many of his species, had access to a starship that he could practice flying with. An excellent hunter, Xyllo strived for more than what he could find on Barab I. He sought to go on adventures like the Jedi he always heard stories about. Eventually, at the age of 17, he left his home and made his way to the major settlement on his planet. Walking weeks through the harsh weather of Barab I, he finally arrived, finding a bounty hunter who was willing to take him off planet. Upon leaving, Xyllo decided to forsake his Sebatyne name, taking the name Xyler Zero to signify leaving his home and family behind.

The hunter that took Xyler on his ship was impressed with his will to survive. The two made a bet on who could capture a target on the outer rim world they had arrived. Xyler was given a BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax by the hunter to help him. Xyler won the contest, and the hunter gave him a Firespray-class Interceptor which Xyler named the Magnum Opus. He then traveled across the outer rim for a year, fighting both as a bounty hunter and as a fighter in underworld fighting rings. He learned the name Red X, becoming a deadly melee combatant with his vibro-ax. However, he began to lose focus in life, unsure what to do. It was when he was in the Auril sector that he found out about the Tresario Star Kingdom. Seeing recruitment posters for Tresarian military and that the Kingdom had a close relationship with the Jedi Order, Xyler decided to put aside his life alone and sign up for the University of Tresario.

Tresario Star Kingdom

"I started my career here, and served in MMO for 8 years. During those times I’ve met people who I can call family and give thanks for molding me into the person I am today."
— Xyler Zero

Arriving at the University, Xyler was instructed by John Green. Following his graduation, he was assigned to the Navy, and put under the command of Jared Waymen. Proving his loyalty and expediency, Xyler quickly grew prominence within the Tresarian Navy. Starting as a pilot in the Toydarian system, he fit in well with the military culture established in the Kingdom. It was also during this time that Xyler was tested for force sensitivity by Garharh Brin, which established that Xyler was in fact a force sensitive. He was taken on by the Chiss Admiral Airea`ski Tak as an apprentice for a short time. He briefly joined the Jedi Order and the Order gifted him an X-wing, which he named the Pied Piper. He also built his own lightsaber and was given a crystal that was a typical Jedi blue. It was during these early days however that Tresario declared their independence from the Falleen Federation. Taking a break from his work at Toydaria, Xyler traveled to the capital to attend the coronation of Jude Vatz as King of Tresario.

As the Kingdom had separated from the Galactic Alliance and became more and more distant to the Alliance, a new force order, the Tikair, was established by then Premier Steve Sphinx, with Xyler serving as a founding member of the Order. He was also inducted into the Gryphons, the royal guard of the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Within a few months of beginning his work in Toydaria, the Tresario Core Fleet was established. While Fleet Admiral Waymen was selected as the CO of the fleet, Xyler was choosen to serve as the XO of the fleet, giving him his first leadership role within the Kingdom. Xyler continued to work hard, eventually being knighted as a Colonel in the Order of Freedom.

After nearly three months, Xyler was chosen to take full command of the TCF, given the rank of Rear Admiral and promoted to Brigadier in the Order of Freedom. He continued to serve in this role for many months, overseeing several major building operations in Hutt Space and other Tresarian territories. He also took on his own apprentice with the Tikiar, Bruder Jun.

His time in Tresario was not without its struggles however. After leaving the Jedi Order, Xyler’s connection to the light side of the force began to wane. His identity as a Barabel, and the reverence his race have towards the Jedi was now at odds with his loyalty to his people and his King, as a consequence, his Kyber crystal is starting to lose its color. As he struggled to reconcile these identities, he requested a leave of absence so that he may take time finding himself. After his leave was approved, he attempted days of meditation. Upon this not working, he realized that he must go to the core of his identity in order to solve this issue. He must return home.

Barab I

"In many ways, we can be our own worst enemies, and deal a fatal blow from within, with ourselves firing the shot."
— Xyler Zero, Principles of Tresarian Success

Taking his Firespray, Xyler returned to his home world. As he entered orbit, almost in an instant, all of his doubts, fears, anger and frustration have all been washed away. Nothing left but nostalgia for this planet and his family. For a brief moment upon breaking though the atmosphere, Xyler hears a voice “I’m here”. He shrugs it off and proceeds to land on the planet surface.

Xyler lingered in his former home for days, and in those days the voice became more and more persistent. Up to a point that annoyance had been replaced by curiosity. Curiosity of such an entity so strong in the force, it could even break barriers and reach out to Xyler, who is already waning and losing his connection to the force.

He decided to trace the entity to its source. Immediately taking off with his droid in the Magnum Opus, throttles at full to where he is being pulled. Hours later, Xyler arrives on a swamp region hundreds of miles away from home. Upon leaving his ship, the voice had ceased, silence all around. Xyler could feel the presence of the Light and the Dark around him, but strangely there is no chaos, no power struggle between the two, only Balance. He surrendered himself to the force, and found his way to a cave under the show. Entering it, he felt a stronger connection to the force than he had ever felt.

Suddenly, standing before him was a Jedi and a Sith. Taking his saber in hand, and composes himself to a defensive stance. Then, both struck at him at once, saber blades clashed. For a brief moment all three are at a stalemate. Xyler pushes them back and goes for the offensive with his Ataru form, leaving both little to no chance to counter attack. He overpowers both and manages to disarm the Jedi falling on her knees. The Sith cornered and backed against the wall. Xyler disengages his lightsaber “Stand down… now”. The Sith refuses and unleashes a flurry of force lightning. Xyler blocks with his left hand, sparks were flying as lightning tails furiously hit the walls of the cave. The Sith out of breathe and exhausted, with his last attempt to slay the Barabel, he charges with his saber. Xyler dodges and quickly jabs the Sith on the face using his left fist, fully charged and imbued with force lightning; sends the Sith flying through the wall.

As Xyler turns around, out of the shadow comes both the Jedi and the Sith once again. Not a single scratch. As he fought against them once again, he realized what was happening, this battle between Dark and Light. Stepping back, he disengages his saber, leaving himself open. The Sith and Jedi froze, and then faded away.

Continuing down the cave, Xyler enters a cavern. It is there where he felt a familiar presence. This is the source of the mysterious entity. At the far end of the cavern, something glowing can be seen embedded on the wall, like the first star shinning on a twilight sky. He rushed over without a second thought. Looking closer, he found the source, a new Kyber crystal. It was no meeting of strangers but more like a reunion. Upon taking the refined crystal from its abode on the wall, a roar echoed through the cavern.

A durgolosk was standing at the entrance of the cavern. Without hesitation, the beast charges Xyler, flailing its tentacles like whips. He knows the second the tentacles hit him, he’s good as dead. Durgolosk tentacles have venom that can paralyze creatures twice its size in a heartbeat. Xyler ignites his saber, dodges a sting, and cuts one of the beast’s tentacle. The beast, as if feeling no pain turns it’s torso using the momentum to strike with the other tentacle. It hit the ground with such force it threw Xyler a few feet away. Lying on his back Xyler tries to get up, but the beast, already over him steps and crushes his left arm with its fore leg. Xyler lets out a shout of pain. The durgolosk now carefully examines its prey one last time before delivering the final blow. Xyler, without blinking glared at the beast in kind. The durgolosk winds up its last tentacle and strikes, but before it could even hit, Xyler force pushes the beast up so high it hits the cavern’s ceiling and falls; Xyler rolling away before it crashes on the ground.

As the dust cloud clears, Xyler now stands before the durgolosk, eyes closed and no longer breathing. The injured Barabel slowly walks toward the exit of the cavern; when, the durgolosk wakes and quickly lashes its tentacle at him. With the same reflex to match, Xyler turns, ignites his saber and throws it at the beast. The tentacle hits him on the lower jaw and sends him flying across the cavern. At the same time, the saber impales the beast right on the fore head, finally killing it.

Weeks have passed after that fateful encounter. Xyler is steadily recovering from his injuries in the Capital City of Alater-ka. He received a cybernetic arm reinforced with durasteel obsidian and plasteel to replace the one he lost. His jaw was replaced with a prosthesis along with a mask to cover his face. His voice, now reverberated with a gruff electronic tone, creating a very disconcerting effect because his jaw prosthesis is unable to move.

Then one afternoon, while resting. Xyler was awoken by a voice very familiar to him saying “I’m here.. let me help you.. make yourself whole again”. A feint glow emanated from the pocket of his battered clothes hanging on the wall across the room. Xyler got up from his bed, took his lightsaber and the crystal. He started to dismantle his saber piece by piece, when the crystal chamber had been exposed, he stopped. He gazed upon the crystal embedded in it, now colorless and cracked across. He carefully took it out, and wrapped it around with a white cloth, placed it on the table before saying “Thank you”

The Barabel now started to repair and reconstruct his lightsaber using the new kyber crystal. Hours have passed, and now the sky is covered in a blanket of stars. Xyler walks out into the balcony, raises his right arm, lightsaber in hand. Points it at the stars and ignites it, the saber now glows with a very vibrant turquoise color.

Xyler decided to stay in Barab I for years to continue his training and to learn the ways of the Gray. Master both Light and Dark in order to achieve true Balance.

Returning to the Stars

"Your communicative and empathetic skills are of premier quality, no pun intended, and your dedication to Tresario, her culture, her people, her freedom, and not least to her King, are unparalleled."
— King Alto Rexar

Two years had passed, Xyler returns to the Star Kingdom, invigorated and enlightened. Upon his return he acquired an egg from Takar Resk. It was a nexu egg that he had taken from a nexu female he killed on a hunt. After hatching it, he named it Gnar and keeps it as a personal pet.

After several changes in higher leadership, the current Fleet Admiral, Caos Vend`Etta, was promoted to Minister of Military Operations. Xyler was then offered and accepted the position of Fleet Admiral. Xyler served the Kingdom in many capacities as Fleet Admiral. He established the Royal Armada, a fleet under the direct command of the King. He also created the Shield Wall, a project to establish shielding on all Tresarian planets, and the King’s Guardian, establishing defense stations in all systems.

In his final days as Fleet Admiral, Xyler began a training operation on Derra. During this training, members of the Death Watch came across them, resulting in a skirmish on the planet. With the Kingdom military scoring a major victory against the Death Watch, Death Watch contacted their allies the Krath, resulting in a major battle between the Kingdom and the so called Krath Alliance. While Xyler stepped down shortly before this escalation, he returned to the Kingdom shortly before operation Total Recall.

Following his return from a sabbatical leave after his retirement, he was awarded the rank of Admiral and began helping in the Tresario Salvage Yard along with other members of the Navy. He also took on a new apprentice among the Tikiar, Takar Resk, who would later become a Knight within the order. After some time, he was assigned to serve as Fleet Admiral Kevin Wolff's Executive Officer in the Navy. He helped plan several major operations and battles, earning the respect of his superiors and those under his command. During this time he began a strong friendship with Minister Sydney von Ismay, which resulted in the two working with several other Ministry of State officals to create the Tresarian Dawn, with Xyler serving as Creative Director of the magazine. As he began to take on new duties, the news of the passing of King Jude Vatz became public. Xyler was deeply affected by the death of the late sovereign. This period was one of great change for him, as soon after the death of the King, he contracted the Metamorphosis virus and became a Codru-Ji. During his recovery, he had a lot of time to think about the last few months, decided it was time to once again to rededicate his efforts to making the Kingdom stronger. He would have this chance when he was approached by the new King, Alto Rexar, and asked to succeed him as the new Premier of the Kingdom. Xyler accepted, and was officially made Premier on Year 19 Day 118.


Xyler's Barabel Form
"[B]eing a Barabel was nice but with limitations. I’ve grown comfortable with my new look. Though I’ll miss my tail the most."
— Xyler Zero

Pre-Metamorphosis Virus
Born a Barabel, Xyler was known as having red scales, and was average height. What truly made him stand out however was the cybernetic jaw that he had as a result of injuries. Xyler would often switch between having his cybernetic jaw exposed, and wearing a mask, which ever he felt was appropriate for the situation. He was also known to be fond of his tail.

Following his metamorphosis, Xyler became a Codru-Ji. Almost looking exactly human, Xyler now had brown hair, green eyes, and a taller than average height. His main distinguishing feature that revealed himself as not human was his extra set of arms. Soon after his recovering however, he decided to have the extra set of arms surgically removed, and replaced with prosthetic arms that could be taken on and off at will. When off duty, he can often be seen wearing the mask he wore as a Barabel (slightly adjusted for his new face), as he had grown accustomed to it.


Quiet when he joined Tresario, he soon began to open up to his new comrades. He is a joyous individual who enjoys making sure everyone is having a good time. His actions can sometimes been seen as brash, such as setting off holographic musical displays at the end of ceremonies, however the actions he takes are often carefully calculated.

Positions Held
Preceded By:
Position Established
Tresario Core Fleet XO
Circa Year 12
Succeeded By:
Barnaby Black
Preceeded By:
Jared Waymen
Tresario Core Fleet CO
Circa Year 13
Succeeded By:
Barnaby Black
Preceeded By:
Position Established
Tresarian Navy XO
Various Times Between Year 13-Year 19 Day 118
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Alto Rexar
General of the Order of Tresarian Freedom
Year 19 Day 118 — Present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Alto Rexar
Premier of Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 19 Day 118 — Present
Succeeded By: