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  • Anzat Core Fleet become the winner of the first season of the annual Far Cry Tresario, an event held by the Ministry of Military Operations. Year 19 Day 7
  • The Confederacy of Independent Systems has found it increasingly difficult in recent times to maintain control over the remnants of their original planets. The high council convened and have decided that as their current situation cannot be rectified, they surrender sovereign authority over the planets they control, and assume the status of a Mercenaries group. Year 18 Day 288
  • Mandalore declares that they are dissolving their government and returning to mercenary roots. Read more here. Year 18 Day 238
  • Tresario Star Kingdom defeated Death Watch on Serroco in decisive victory. Year 18 Day 235

Star Kingdom News

Kingdom Anniversary

Today is a glorious day in the Kingdom as the colors fly high across Tresario and Tresarians everywhere drink more than their fill of Kahn's Wraith. Today, Year 13 Day 229, the Tresario Star Kingdom celebrates its fourth anniversary. The Kingdom was founded during a turbulent time for the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. Jesfa Ackmin, the leader of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, had just died weeks before, handing the reigns of the government to the young Falnor Urthadar. Urthadar decided to change the direction of the organization and reorganized into a new government. The government was named after one of the former Bounty Hunters Guild, Tresario--thus, the Tresario Star Kingdom was born.

One of the Kingdom's early citizens, someone who joined within a year of its establishment, is Minister Tal Collan. TNN had the chance to have an exclusive interview with the Minister about his early days in Tresario. "I first joined Tresario a little over 3 years ago. It was a different group in a way to what it is now. Why did I join the Tresario Star Kingdom?" The Falleen leaned back in his seat as he thought about the question for a second. "Well I had been wandering from here to there most of my life up till then and I had been wanting to find a place I could call home. There were various advertisements from government on the Holonet but none of them seemed like a place I’d like to settle down.

It was while I was in a station near the core that I overheard 2 guys talking about a small government they had done some contract work for; I heard them saying they wished some of the bigger governments were as good to deal with as Tresario. This sounded like something, so I went and looked up Tresario on the holonet and came across their recruitment page. By the time I was finished reading the article I already felt that that was where I wanted to be. I can’t explain it but it just felt right. I went and applied to become a member and the next thing I was on a Shuttle headed for the Tresarian capital. "I enrolled in their university where I studied under now Lord Filithell Arborin, who showed me the ropes. As one of his first lessons he sent me to hire a female bartender." Collan laughs softly as he remembers this and whispers under his breath "She could really mix a killer drink." He regained his composure and continued, "As my lessons progressed, then Minister Jude Vatz--now his Majesty--oversaw my construction training where I helped with the construction of one of Tresario’s first tax planets. Needless to say, when I graduated I joined the Ministry of Economic Development, which at the time was lead by now Premier Steve Sphinx.

"From the moment I joined the academy, I found Tresario to be one of the friendliest places I’d ever been. It didn’t matter I had no real experience, everyone would help you out and I mean everyone. I remember not long after enrolling and I was pondering a lesson in the university garden’s. I obviously had been working it out loud, when a man stopped and asked if I needed any help that navigational computing wasn’t the easiest thing at first. When I looked up I was shocked to see it was Viceroy Landion Domnic. I kind of stuttered please, and he sat down and ran through the lesson with me. I have to say that touched me, here. I was just a cadet and the Viceroy--at the time this was the highest position in Tresario--was helping me as if we’d been friends forever. That’s what makes Tresario what it is, everyone is willing to help others, doesn’t matter what position you're in. There was never a thing of, "you're beneath me" which I had experienced before. You were treated nearly as an equal. Obviously there has to be a chain of command but if you ever bumped into anyone it was always with a smile you were greeted with and asked how you were. That has to be one of the main reasons I have stayed in Tresario; the sense of commaderie and everyone out to make the kingdom as best as it can be.

Since its birth, Tresario has had its share of galacticly shattering events. The dethronement of two kings, declaration of independence, and the shift in galactic politics. It has been Tresario's strong bond of brotherhood that has kept the Kingdom together, even though the hardest of times. It is because of these bonds that Tresario now looks forward to the future and all the great things it will do. TNN recently interviewed His Excellency, Premier and acting leader Steve Sphinx about the anniversary and the future of Tresario. The Premier is one of the few citizen of the Kingdom who has been around since its beginning. "Since Tresario started out, we have kept our ideals intact to look out for one another keeping us a strong brotherhood. Each year Tresario gets stronger and improves in economical standings with their peers and rivals. I guarantee in our 5th year, the Kingdom will become the galactic government."

With high hopes of the future and dedication to see Tresario grow, the Kingdom strives to be a beacon of hope and freedom throughout the galaxy. Whatever awaits the Tresarian people, as long as they rely on the bonds of brotherhood, they will always have the strength to face it.

Year 13 Day 229 Written By Jared Waymen | Archive


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Galactic News

Mar'eyir a evaar'la ara

Representatives from Mandalore announced today that administrators are dissolving the government structure in favor of a more streamlined corporate format.

Established in Year 5 under the leadership of Tyr DeMeer, the Mandalore government provided valuable services to the various Mandalorian Clans and became the symbolic unifying banner of the traditionally dispersed Mando culture. DeMeer's background of service to the Galactic Empire influenced Mandalore's acceptance into the Imperial Union in Year 9, an alliance which fortified the Mandalorian Navy with a significant amount of high technology.

However, the reign of Tyr DeMeer was not celebrated by every Clan and some Mando Houses were resentful of Imperial affiliation. Internal dissent began to grow, even though the Mandalore government withdrew from its military alliance during the Imperial Union reformation of Year 13 and joined the neutral Galactic Concordiate the following year. A dispute over association with the Eidola Pirates ignited the Mandalorian Civil War in Year 15, resulting in the separation of The Death Watch mercenaries. Tyr DeMeer retired from government politics in Year 16, shortly after the separation of the Mando'ade mercenaries which marked the end of the Civil War. He was succeeded by Andrew Panzer of Clan D'ael'mor, who abdicated the position to the current Warrior Eminence Korlan Mereel of Clan Du'trachek on Day 153 of Year 17.

Despite the common purpose of the government, Mandalore appeared to have caused more division between the Clans than unity and modern citizens have since begun to question their identity. With the remaining confederated Clans struggling under the weight of the government's bureaucratic requirements, the Mandalorian High Council has concluded that a return to its paramilitary roots may be in order until the fragmented Clans can discover solidarity once again.

As Mand'alor Mereel stated: "This decision will have no serious impact on our relationship with our allies and nationalised factions, we even believe that this will bring us closer together."

The newly commissioned mercenary company will continue to maintain administrative control of the traditional Mandalorian worlds and Navy.

Year 18 Day 239 posted by Korlan Mereel on Galactic News Service | Archive


New Fighting Leauge

Rumors abound that Marke Waymen and Yakubu Fista are considering founding a new fighting league to get more people involved in Kingdom culture.

Additional Stories

Crew Blinded

Three days ago, the all Sullustan crew of a freighter was blinded when the lights on the ship were turned on full accidentally. The private freighter Aduro was going threw a long hyper trip when one of the crew members hit the light control, turning on the extra bright lights that were installed by the previous owners, a crew of Hapans. Thankfully one of the Sullustan's was still asleep when the lights were turned on, so his eye sight was spared. The lone Sullustan was able to pilot the ship to a medical facility for his fellow crewmen to receive treatment. The exposure to the bright lights was limited, so it is expected that their eye sight will recover. It is also expected however, that the crew will be sure to take out the extra bright light setting for their ship.

Year 13 Day 83 Written By Jared Waymen | Archive

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