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Mar'eyir a evaar'la ara

Representatives from Mandalore announced today that administrators are dissolving the government structure in favor of a more streamlined corporate format.

Established in Year 5 under the leadership of Tyr DeMeer, the Mandalore government provided valuable services to the various Mandalorian Clans and became the symbolic unifying banner of the traditionally dispersed Mando culture. DeMeer's background of service to the Galactic Empire influenced Mandalore's acceptance into the Imperial Union in Year 9, an alliance which fortified the Mandalorian Navy with a significant amount of high technology.

However, the reign of Tyr DeMeer was not celebrated by every Clan and some Mando Houses were resentful of Imperial affiliation. Internal dissent began to grow, even though the Mandalore government withdrew from its military alliance during the Imperial Union reformation of Year 13 and joined the neutral Galactic Concordiate the following year. A dispute over association with the Eidola Pirates ignited the Mandalorian Civil War in Year 15, resulting in the separation of The Death Watch mercenaries. Tyr DeMeer retired from government politics in Year 16, shortly after the separation of the Mando'ade mercenaries which marked the end of the Civil War. He was succeeded by Andrew Panzer of Clan D'ael'mor, who abdicated the position to the current Warrior Eminence Korlan Mereel of Clan Du'trachek on Day 153 of Year 17.

Despite the common purpose of the government, Mandalore appeared to have caused more division between the Clans than unity and modern citizens have since begun to question their identity. With the remaining confederated Clans struggling under the weight of the government's bureaucratic requirements, the Mandalorian High Council has concluded that a return to its paramilitary roots may be in order until the fragmented Clans can discover solidarity once again.

As Mand'alor Mereel stated: "This decision will have no serious impact on our relationship with our allies and nationalised factions, we even believe that this will bring us closer together."

The newly commissioned mercenary company will continue to maintain administrative control of the traditional Mandalorian worlds and Navy.

Year 18 Day 239 posted by Korlan Mereel on Galactic News Service | Archive