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Spring Sector Tour Announced

The Ministry of State released this morning the itinerary for the Minister’s Spring Sector Tour, a popular citizen engagement program, Tresario to You, that was started during Minister von Ismay’s first year in office. During this year’s tour, the Minister will be accompanied by newly appointed Premier Zero; this is a break from prior years where Minister Traner or then Premier Rexar would occasionally make a guest appearance at an event.

This year’s stops include a townhall event on Toydaria, a Forum at Xyville, Anzat on current trends in Tresarian education, a town-hall event on Centares, an economic summit on Boonta, a technology exhibition on Murkhana, a town-hall event on Colassa, a symposium on Tresarian Values on Ku'baki, and a townhall event on Ithoon. In addition to the regular engagement events, the Minister’s Office has also announced a number of additional events that will correspond with the trip including the opening of a new national park on Centares, a tour of a new interactive educational program on Anzat, a tour of Murkhana Industries on Murkhana, a community service event on Colassa, and dinner and ice fishing with the Marku Monks on Ithoon.

Year 19 Day 120 - Written By Sydney von Ismay | Archive

Interview with Premier Zero

Lord Xyler Athrun Zero has just been announced as King Rexar’s successor as Premier of Tresario. The young Codru-Ji, who has had a nearly decade long career in Tresario’s Navy, was publicly announced soon after being elevated as a Protector in the Sentinels of Tresario. Then following the ceremony, the new Premier appeared on the popular morning talk show, Good Morning Bak`rofsen, with host Zeltra Jallex.

Premier Zero Story.png

Zeltra Jallex: So, first question I have for you is this: you've very recently recovered from the metamorphosis virus and are now not only a different species, but gone from being a reptile to a mammal. What was the transition like?

Premier Zero: Refreshing, being a barabel was nice but with limitations. I’ve grown comfortable with my new look. Though I’ll miss my tail the most.

Zeltra Jallex: So, when King Rexar first asked you to become Premier, what was your first thought?

Premier Zero: It was a real surprise, I didn’t know how to answer for about 5 minutes. I mean, I’ve considered the possibility and prepared myself in the event it happens, and it did … and still I was caught off guard. So in those 5 minutes, all I was thinking was “Am I ready for this?”

Zeltra Jallex: What made you say yes? What was it that convinced you that you were the person for this job?

Premier Zero: I said yes, but I still don’t think I'm the right person for this job ... but aren’t we all in a situation like this? I said yes, because I wanted to step up my game and prove to myself that I can do so much more for the Kingdom. A few years back King Vatz asked what we wanted to achieve and where do we see ourselves in the future of the Star Kingdom. Back then, I said to him, “I'm perfectly content as an Admiral in MMO, no more, no less.” But I guess that was me saying everything is fine since Big Brother is still around. Now that he's gone, we all need to step up sooner or later, whether we like it or not. By the end of the day, you always consider what’s best for the Kingdom.

Zeltra Jallex: Is there an event or experience in particular that you feel has most prepared you for this position?

Premier Zero: To be honest, the King's passing. We all know what it meant, and it made me reflect on the 8 years I've been in the Tresario: the victories and failures along the way. Experience is a great teacher, if not the best. I believe experience prepares all of us for something, you don't know what, but you'll know when it comes and when the least you’re expecting it.

Zeltra Jallex: Finally question for you: the 10th anniversary is almost here. Where do you see Tresario going in the next 10 years under this new decade starting under King Rexar and yourself?

Premier Zero: The next 10 years huh? Reform and outreach; we want for Tresario to reach further into the stars, change and improve internally, while reinforcing and improving our relationship with other factions, possibly forging new alliances and reconstruct old ones. And of course, more Star Destroyers. *The Premier coughs*

Zeltra Jallex: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Lord Zero, and we look forward to seeing your continued service to the Kingdom.

Year 19 Day 119 - Written By Marke Waymen | Archive