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Featured Article - Year 19 Day 125:

Xyler Zero


His Excellency, Lord Xyler Athrun Zero P.S. B.F. (born Xyllo Sebatyne) is a citizen and Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom, a Tikiar and Gryphon.
Born in Year -10, after the fall of the Republic, Xyllo was born to the Sebatyne Clan on Barab I. His family—a traditional Barabel family of two females and two males along with their nest—was well known in their village as great hunters. From a young age, Xyllo was raised on the tales of legendary hunters and the noble Jedi. Though he had a particularly mischievous streak in him, he was one of the strongest of his hatch mates. He trained in hand to hand combat, projectile weapons, non-projectile, and unlike many of his species, had access to a starship that he could practice flying with. An excellent hunter, Xyllo strived for more than what he could find on Barab I. He sought to go on adventures like the Jedi he always heard stories about. Eventually, at the age of 17, he left his home and made his way to the major settlement on his planet. Walking weeks through the harsh weather of Barab I, he finally arrived, finding a bounty hunter who was willing to take him off planet. Upon leaving, Xyllo decided to forsake his Sebatyne name, taking the name Xyler Zero to signify leaving his home and family behind.

The hunter that took Xyler on his ship was impressed with his will to survive. The two made a bet on who could capture a target on the outer rim world they had arrived. Xyler was given a BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax by the hunter to help him. Xyler won the contest, and the hunter gave him a Firespray-class Interceptor which Xyler named the Magnum Opus. He then traveled across the outer rim for a year, fighting both as a bounty hunter and as a fighter in underworld fighting rings. He learned the name Red X, becoming a deadly melee combatant with his vibro-ax. However, he began to lose focus in life, unsure what to do. It was when he was in the Auril sector that he found out about the Tresario Star Kingdom. Seeing recruitment posters for Tresarian military and that the Kingdom had a close relationship with the Jedi Order, Xyler decided to put aside his life alone and sign up for the University of Tresario. (more...)

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Did you know...

  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom logo is Tikiar?
  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom has three active Crowned Corporations active?
  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom has a force sensitive group called the Tikiars?

Quote of The Month

"Becoming one of the galaxy’s strongest and most powerful governments is not simply done overnight, and certainly not by pursuing short-term opportunism."
King Alto Rexar - The Principles of Tresarian Success'



In The Tresarian News Network


"TNN: Reincarnation"

Posted in GNS by: Marke Waymen on Year 19 Day 56

Bal`demnic (TNN) - The TNN logo covers the screen before fading out to a live feed of a Chadra-Fan reporter standing in a large hall, crowded by individuals from dozens of species. Above the noise of the large crowd, the Chadra-Fan can be heard speaking. “Good evening Tresarians and sentients across the galaxy. This is Chuu’Ruth speaking live at Liberty Hall, inside the heart of the Kingdom. Rumors circulated earlier today that House Tresario would soon make an announcement about their decision regarding the succession of the King. A large crowd has gathered here waiting eagerly to hear their decision. House Tresario, which is made up of the nobility of Tresario, has gathered for the last week to select the new monarch of the Kingdom.” Chuu’Ruth pauses as the murmurs begin to get louder. “And I can see now that several members of House Tresario have walked onto the stage. It appears the leader of the assembly, Lord Xias, is about to make an announcement.”

Alto GNS 1.png

A Falleen in a long black tunic approaches the center of the stage. The crowd settles down as he speaks. “Thank you for gathering today. Though Tresario mourns the loss of a great Falleen, it is our duty to forge a new path forward. It was decided by the Hall of Ministers and the late Sovereign’s personal advisors that it would be best for the Kingdom to have the heir of King Vatz confirmed by the leaders and people of Tresario. It is my pleasure to announce that House Tresario has unanimously agreed to confirm His Majesty, King Alto Rexar as the new Sovereign of Tresario!”

As the crowd cheers, Lord Xias stepped aside, allowing the new Sovereign to address the Kingdom. The Trandoshan confidently steps up to the podium and looks out to the audience. (Main Article)

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