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Featured Article - Year 17 Day 77:

Tresario Star Kingdom


The Tresario Star Kingdom (also known as Tresario, Kingdom or abbreviated as TSK) is a sovereign government in the galaxy.

In the twilight days of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and the Bounty Hunters Guild, its leader, Admiral Jesfa Ackmin, suffered a fatal heart attack. This left the leadership of the young group in the hands Falnor Urthadar. Mere days after taking control of the group, he announced the reformation of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom from a militaristic organization into a new government. He chose with his new power to name the new government after one of the chief houses in the Bounty Hunters Guild, House Tresario. Thus, the Tresario Star Kingdom was born on Year 9 Day 229, and Falnor Urthadar crowned himself as its first King.

Over the following weeks and months, Falnor pushed changes through the system of the government. He first created a parliament to help him lead and to create laws for the young government. His intent with the parliament was to make Tresario into a democracy. Leaders of the parliament began to pass laws and work to transform the Sons and Daughters of Freedom into the Tresario Star Kingdom. After few months, he dissolved it and created the system of the Hall of Ministers to be an advisory council to the King. This lead to the establishment of the three ministries, increasing the organizational structure of the Kingdom. The first Hall consisted of Steve Sphinx as Minister of Economic Development, Dek Sulare as Minister of Military Operations, Ara Tigranes as Minister of Governmental Affairs and Filithell Arborin as Hunt Master of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Falnor also began work on a new constitution for the Kingdom, in which certain members, including Minister Tigranes were high involved in. Meanwhile, as Falnor created his changes, the Kingdom began to suffer. Tresario began to have serious financial issues. Paychecks were low, there was little money to build, and recruitment was nearly nonexistent. (more...)

Did you know...

  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom logo is Tikiar?
  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom has three active Crowned Corporations active?
  • ...that the Tresario Star Kingdom has a force sensitive group called the Tikiars?

Quote of The Month

"Thanks to all your dedicated work and those Tresarians of the past we have been able to build a true government, one that is feared by our enemies which is evident by their continued attempts to hurt the government you built. Most government or factions don't last a year let alone the over 8 years Tresario has existed and we continue to better ourselves and protect what has been entrusted with us. Tresario is has been my family for the past 7 and I have been entrusted by you to lead us for the past 6 years. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
King Jude Vatz - during his speech on Tresarian Independence Day


In The Tresarian News Network


  • Anzat Core Fleet become the winner of the first season of the annual Far Cry Tresario, an event held by the Ministry of Military Operations. Year 19 Day 7
  • The Confederacy of Independent Systems has found it increasingly difficult in recent times to maintain control over the remnants of their original planets. The high council convened and have decided that as their current situation cannot be rectified, they surrender sovereign authority over the planets they control, and assume the status of a Mercenaries group. Year 18 Day 288
  • Mandalore declares that they are dissolving their government and returning to mercenary roots. Read more here. Year 18 Day 238
  • Tresario Star Kingdom defeated Death Watch on Serroco in decisive victory. Year 18 Day 235

"TNN: Ghost in the Machines"

Posted in GNS by: Shawn Veldn on Year 18 Day 246

BAL`DEMNIC (TNN) - Following several weeks of tense skirmishes on the sparsely populated planet of Serroco, Death Watch has officially announced their withdrawal from the planet. This announcement was met by celebration within the Tresario Star Kingdom forces, marking a decisive victory against the self-proclaimed heirs of Mandalorian culture. Tresarian Soldiers can be seen breaking out barrels of local Tresarian liquor, Kahn’s Wraith, as Death Watch transports ascended into orbit.

The conflict began shortly after a scheduled, routine goodwill visit by Tresarian and Galactic Empire forces, where they participated in training exercises, in an effort to bring some stability to the region after months of unrest and shifting political control. Following the training exercise, the Galactic Empire forces returned to Imperial space, while the Tresarian forces remained to continue their humanitarian efforts. TNN reporters were in the sole population center on Serroco reporting on the remainder of the mission when Death Watch forces led by Peter Max were spotted advancing into the Serroco system. Upon receiving word of the impending attack, the Tresarian military resolved to meet them on the battlefield, and defend the local populace from invasion. While the first two days saw Death Watch make several strong strikes against Tresarian forces, the battle quickly changed to the Star Kingdom’s favor.. (Main Article)

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